Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Summer's Joy Rekindled

So my ep with Alistair Crosbie (Summer's Joy Rekindled) is finally available. The sleeve is beautiful - my mother's garden in summer:

Summer's Joy Rekindled

In other news I've completed the soundtrack for the (very!) low budget feature film GRASP and two days ago I completed the final track for my latest collaboration with Rainier Lericolais - busy days indeed.

A hive of activity punctuated by the realisation that one or two of the trees behind the house are set to fall... one 20 foot branch recently tumbled into a neighbours garden - very surreal and equally frightening... my house is near the top of hill - my back garden is so steep the view from the windows is a wall of grass! The trees are on top of the hill, so if they fall they'll most likely take most of my home with them... tree surgeon is due Thursday - phew

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


So Rainier sent me seven songs he constructed around recordings I sent him... short, abstract, fluid and beautiful - actually everything he creates is beautiful... today I realised it's been weeks since he sent the files... weeks and weeks of pianos and guitars and drums and noise and noise... noise inside, noise outside... noisy structures...

Today was time to get off my backside and respond to Rainier's efforts... Nine minutes of abstract grace... all fluid, little structure - no guitars, lots of pianos... a good day

Monday, 27 April 2009

It's been a long time... since July - so I'm not good at this blogging lark... my mind is full of questions, where to plant the lavender, is Gwenllian's spirit still haunting me, what aspects of my life should I shrug off in a desire for progression, Sophia is wisdom, wisdom is black, like the darkness of chaos...

Motion.Silence.Echo is in temporary stasis - temporarily... Summer's Joy Rekindled will finally be released in time for - well, summer's joy to be rekindled... in the meantime, I have composed a soundtrack for the feature film GRASP and am putting the finishing touches to The Whispering Void this one is solo and possibly the most attractive of my solo recordings to date - piano's, strings, acoustic guitars, voice, depth, darkness, death... like I said 'attractive'! Did I ever tell you about my love of pianos? Another day...