Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Summer's Joy Rekindled

So my ep with Alistair Crosbie (Summer's Joy Rekindled) is finally available. The sleeve is beautiful - my mother's garden in summer:

Summer's Joy Rekindled

In other news I've completed the soundtrack for the (very!) low budget feature film GRASP and two days ago I completed the final track for my latest collaboration with Rainier Lericolais - busy days indeed.

A hive of activity punctuated by the realisation that one or two of the trees behind the house are set to fall... one 20 foot branch recently tumbled into a neighbours garden - very surreal and equally frightening... my house is near the top of hill - my back garden is so steep the view from the windows is a wall of grass! The trees are on top of the hill, so if they fall they'll most likely take most of my home with them... tree surgeon is due Thursday - phew

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