Friday, 13 June 2008

Videos and Holidays

It's Friday - hooray! the end of a surprisingly busy week - preparing for the Slow Corrosion release, recovering from a week's holiday

new quay june 08

yep - this...

new quay 2, june 08

...and this, is what I do in my spare time!

This week was also notable for us (Mark and I) shooting some footage for a promo video for Splinters from my next album Axis Vein. The video is being directed by Yokna Patofa in Japan. She asked us to shoot against a blue background, however it wasn't til we looked we realised we don't actually own anything blue - except an old rug for the kids to wipe their feet on as they walk through the door. So I found myself lipsynching in front of my grotty door mat gaffer taped to an old wardrobe - very glamorous! Still the completed video should be incredible, Yokna sent me some stills that look stunning.

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